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Anise Dusted Venison with Red Wine Grape Sauce: from Chapel Hill to Chickenville


Don’t you just love the name of this blog?  Of course, Aimee came from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and has since become a chicken farmer – of sorts.  Her favorite color is purple.  My kinda gal!  Her SRC assignment this month was Lavender and Lime, written by Tandy.  Another fabulous blog name.  Tandy’s inspiration for the name of her blog came from her Aunt Tilly’s ice cream.  And her grandfather was a true foodie before being a foodie was cool.  What a great pairing of blogs this was!  Aimee says . . .

“When it came down to it, I decided to make two things from Lavender and Lime. Her venison dish with anise and grapes got my attention since I have a freezer shelf full of deer thanks to my hunter husband. This dish sounded like something I would order at a restaurant – something fancy – something I would not normally make at home. I had to give it a go. I also decided to make her chai tea mix. I’ll share that one tomorrow.”

Check out the recipe for Anise Dusted Venison with Red Wine Grape Sauce.


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