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Apple Sharlotka: The Avid Appetite


I took one look at this and thought, “I HAVE to have one of these!” All of this from a gal who couldn’t boil water three years ago.  Rachel from The Avid Appetite received Nayna’s blog, simply.food for her SRC assignment this month.  You have GOT to read all about both of these ladies.  Very interesting with lots of great recipes!  Rachel said . . .

“This cake was so so good. Is it too bold to say that it’s one of my favorite recipes ever?  Because it really is. Not only for the taste, but for how easy this cake was. It came together in a snap. Glorious, sugar-coated apples atop a moist, cinnamony cake and doused with a healthy helping of powdered sugar for good measure…there’s not much better in life than that my friends.”

Check out the recipe for Apple Sharlotka.


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    Thanks for spotlighting this amazing cake! And a giant thanks to Nayna for sharing this recipe :)

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