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Armenian Nutmeg Cake: A Spoonful of Thyme


So, already this week we have learned all about Amish chicken.  So, if we follow that logic, then an Armenian Nutmeg Cake is one for which an Armenian raised the nutmeg and prepared the cake.  Hmmmmmm . . . . Well, we may never know for sure, but you may get a better idea about it if you will click the link below and check it out on Kate’s blog, A Spoonful of Thyme.  Kate was assigned Susie’s blog, Eat Little, Eat Big.  Kate said . . .

“Susie’s blog is all about “striving to eat healthy without sacrificing the pleasures of good, tasty food and the occasional splurge.”  I must admit that I really struggled to select a recipe…there were so many that appealed to me.  I looked at the Chicken Curry and the Greek Salad but the Armenian Nutmeg Cake won!  I will be visiting Susie often but since she is on Maui, I will have to limit myself to desk chair visits!”

Check out the recipe for Armenian Nutmeg Cake.


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