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Asian Party Mix: Crumbs and Chaos

What is THE most popular snack ever?  If I were able to vote, it would be this!  However, the problem is there is just never enough in one batch.  So, I make two.  One for me and one for everyone else.  Becca, Emily, Kate and Megan are the sisters who collectively blog at Crumbs and Chaos.  I’ll bet they make triple batches to feed just the kids, of which there are eleven.  Whew!  This month their SRC assignment was Eat, Laugh and Love by Denise .  With Becca at the helm of this post, she chose this fabulous snack because she loves Asian flavors and it gave her family something to munch on throughout the day.  Becca says . . .

“I love a good Chex mix (I’m a cereal and bagel chip lover and could care less about the pretzels) and the sesame breadsticks are a great addition to this mix!  It has a just the right amount of kick to it…so fabulous!”

Check out the recipe for Asian Party Mix.


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