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Asparagus Dip: The Daily Dish

Asparagus Dip: The Daily Dish

I have this sweater that is my very, very favorite.  I forget what they called the color of it when I got it, all I knew was that I had to have it.  Looks great with a black pair of pants.  Actually, I’m amazed at how many colors looks great with it.  And now, I know.  Asparagus Dip.  THAT is the color!!  Not only is it my favorite sweater, but after reading through this recipe, I’m sure this is going to be my favorite dip, too.  And the bonus?  If I dribble some of this dip on my sweater, no one will know!  Nicole who blogs at the Daily Dish received Ewa’s blog, Delishhh, for her SRC assignment this month.  Nicole said . . .

“This dip was so incredibly good. The only thing we did was add an extra garlic clove because we love, love garlic, but I wrote the recipe the original way that Ewa had it. I want you to know you can alter that garlic to suit your own taste, but keep all the other ingredients the same. It was fantastic! We ate it all very quickly and made a second batch later that day.”

Check out the recipe for Asparagus Dip.


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