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Be a Good Neighbor

Blogger etiquette is something that is slowly defining across the blogosphere. What is okay and what is not okay, that is the question. For the purposes of this club, here are some suggestions that will help things go more smoothly for everyone.


Everyone loves receiving comments on their blog. Once the blog hop is live and the recipes have been posted, try to visit as many as you can and leave a comment. If you can’t do it all in one day, try breaking it up over a few days instead. Making a conscious effort is all I ask.

Allowing comments

Now here’s something that you may not know. Your blog may be configured to make it hard for others to comment. That’s right! Your best bet is to allow all comments, even anonymous, and not require that people log in to comment. Check your settings and make it easy for people to leave a comment on your post. CAPTCHA/word verification is getting more extreme as of late. We understand that sometimes it is necessary, but if you can turn it off at least for reveal day, it’ll make it a lot easier on those trying to comment.

Sharing is caring

Again, not necessary, but sharing your fellow bloggers’ posts via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Instagram, etc. is a really great thing to do. It helps bring traffic and new followers to your fellow Club members.

Be kind in your post

So maybe you didn’t like what you made… be constructive and think of other people’s feelings before saying something nasty. Just remember, they’ve been waiting all month to see what you made! Don’t hurt their feelings, be tactful. Talk about your assigned blog and the recipe(s) you made – don’t talk about yourself solely and add in a teeny sentence hidden amongst it all about your assigned blog. The whole point of the club is to show off and share someone else’s blog (and someone else will be showing off yours!).