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Beef Potato Quinoa Soup: Amy’s Cooking Adventures

Beef Potato Quinoa Soup: Amy's Cooking Adventures

During the summer, we don’t think about a good hot soup as often as we do during the winter.  However, with all this wacky weather, it is likely that you live in an area that has recently seen record lows for the month of July and LOTS of rain!  Which always makes me want soup.  Amy over at Amy’s Cooking Adventures received Erin’s blog,Wholesome RD, for her SRC assignment this month.  Amy said . . .

“This is a nice, hearty soup (gotta love the superfood, quinoa, making an appearance.  The soup was fantastic!  Though, if I were to make it again, I think I’d add in some corn and maybe some chipotle pepper – some spicy and sweet would round out the soup beautifully!  I definitely think this will be making another appearance once the weather turns cool!:

Check out the recipe for Beef Potato Quinoa Soup.


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