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Chivo Guisado: Manu’s Menu


Manuela from Manu’s Menu received Josie’s Kitchen, authored by Josie, for this month’s SRC assignment.  Manuela was born in Milan, Sicily yet lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband and two children.  Many of her recipes have been handed down from one generation to the next, so cooking and a love of flavors runs in the family.  Josie is from the Dominican Republic and currently lives in New York and vividly remembers watching her mom cook growing up.  This is truly a multi-cultural, multi-continent pairing.  Manuela says . . .

“I must say I LOVED this month’s assignment!  I discovered a beautiful blog I had never visited before and I can tell you, it is full of yummy recipes!  I immediately decided that I wanted to try something I had never ever had before, something that would take (at least) my tastebuds to the eastern part of the beautiful Caribbean island of La Hispaniola.”

Check out the recipe for Chivo Guisado.


2 Responses to Chivo Guisado: Manu’s Menu

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    Barbara Swanson says:

    looking for a recipe I saw on this site last week for cutup eggplant patties, mashed potatoes and some vegetable? Had many pictures showing how to make it.

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