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Chocolate Almond Pastries: Cravings of a Lunatic

Jen, over at the blog Cravings of a Lunatic was thrilled with her SRC assignment this month, Nutmeg Nanny by Brandy.  Jen says . . .

“I wanted to pick something I had never worked with. So the recipe that kept popping up was the Chocolate Almond Pastry. I still kept hesitating as she guest posted on another blog for that one. Yet I just could not get this dessert out of my head. So I went with my gut and my gut was screaming for pastry. I had never worked with puff pastry before so this was well out of my comfort zone. Which is exactly what I wanted. So this is it in all it’s glory. Thank you Nutmeg Nanny, I am now full and in need of a nap but so happy I tried this one. I could not stop eating it as I took pics. I blame you for the 5 pounds I gained today. Just sayin’!”

Check out the recipe for Chocolate Almond Pastries.


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