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Chocolate Fondue and Fresh Fruit Dippers: Lavender and Lovage


Karen at Lavender and Lovage is living her dream of cooking, writing, photography and food.  You can tell by perusing her blog that her dreams have come true and her passion for her subject matter comes shining through.  Karen’s SRC assignment this month was Kristin at Lovin’ Life and you know, right away, that Karen does love her life!  Karen says . . .

“Kirstin has a HUGE array of recipes to share and you can find them on her From My Kitchen page. I really was spoilt for choice, but, in the end I decided on her Chocolate Fondue recipe as I mentioned before, as it fitted in with my plans for a weekend with friends……as an easy and FUN dessert…..and, my friends were all newly engaged, with plans of weddings in the not too distant future, so this was a nice “sharing” dessert I thought……albeit for ALL of us!”

Check out the recipe for Chocolate Fondue and Fresh Fruit Dippers.


2 Responses to Chocolate Fondue and Fresh Fruit Dippers: Lavender and Lovage

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    Karen says:

    Thanks so much for featuring my photo, of the LOVELY chocolate fondue that I made from my secret blogger's fabulous blog – Kirsten and Lovin' Life! I LOVE participating every month and have met some LOVELY new friends and discovered some great new blogs.

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