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Chocolate Malt Tres Leches Cake: Growing Up Gabel

Chocolate Malt Tres Leches Cake: Growing Up Gabel

I am so in love with this recipe!  Very unique, at least from my limited desert making experience.  Malted milk balls were always some of my favorite candies growing up.  Mom never cared for them much, but Daddy and I could make our way through those little milk carton containers in short order.  Camille from Growing up Gabel received the blog, Flavors by Four, a mother-daughter blogging team.  Camille said . . .

“This cake was really, really good.  I made sure to have a tres leches cake expert test it, because I had no idea what tres leches cake was supposed to taste like, and it passed with flying colors.”

Check out the recipe for Chocolate Malt Tres Leches Cake.


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