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Chocolate Truffle Heart Cakes: Cooking with Chopin


Who needs the finished product to tempt one when one has ooey, gooey, drippy, trippy chocolate like this?!?  Ha!  Ginny from Cooking with Chopin, Living with Elmo just couldn’t resist the temptation either.  Ginny received Katrina’s blog, Baking and Boys for her SRC assignment this month.  Ginny tells a story that puts you right there with her in Belgium, Brussels to be exact, at her own patisserie.  It is a must read for anyone who cooks or dreams of making fabulous food in a romantic locale.  I’m sure that the selections would include Katrina’s recipe.  Ginny said. . .

“Katrina’s blog is wonderful and filled to the brim with delicious treats and confections; making a decision on which to recreate was hard, but my desire naturally gravitated to her chocolate heart-shaped truffle cakes.”

Check out the recipe for gluten-free Chocolate Truffle Heart Cakes.


2 Responses to Chocolate Truffle Heart Cakes: Cooking with Chopin

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    Katrina says:

    Thanks for posting this! Those truffle cakes are SO good and perfect for a chocolate-loving Valentine! Thanks, Ginny!

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