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Christmas Popcorn Mix: The Kitchen Witch

Rhonda from The Kitchen Witch was assigned The Yummy Life by Monica for this month’s SRC assignment.  Rhonda says . . .

“Monica has a lovely blog, it’s very easy to find whatever you are searching for: recipes, gifts and household/decorating tips.  Evidently her son ‘T-Man’ is the web designer.  Very convenient, hint hint to any of my children who might be looking for a new career….Typically you hear from all the SRC participants that it was so hard to pick a recipe.  Nope, not for me.  I stumbled across Monica’s Green Popcorn & Pretzel Party Mix recipe and knew right away that it was what I wanted to do.  Not that Monica doesn’t have a zillion great recipes, she does.  It’s just that my mind has been on Christmas.”

Check out the recipe for Christmas Popcorn Mix.


One Response to Christmas Popcorn Mix: The Kitchen Witch

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    Yemek İzle says:

    What a sweety thing! Thanks :) I'm going to make this recipe.

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