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Classic Foolproof Fudge: Fabulously Fun Food


Candy can be a fickled friend.  First batch turns out great!  That is beginners luck.  Second batch gets thrown in the trash.  Failure is not an option.  So you search and search for that one recipe that will build your confidence and be a crowd pleaser, too.  Guess what?  It’s your lucky day!  This is the recipe we’ve (read *I’ve*) been waiting for.  Melanie from Fabulously Fun Food was paired with Lindsey from Life and Kitchen.  Melanie says . . .

“Lindsay posted fudge earlier this month to say goodbye to summer, the beach, and vacation. I’m posting it to say hello. Though this recipe is ridiculously simple, I found myself playing the fool in this Classic Foolproof Fudge. That’s right. I overcooked the chocolate. I used baking powder instead of baking soda. I used Kosher salt instead of table salt. And ya know what. It was still awesome. I managed to pull out about half of the baking powder and replace it with baking soda and the big flakes of salt actually improved the fudge and made it more of a salted chocolate. Awesome. So yes, this fudge is indeed, foolproof.”

Check out the recipe for Classic Foolproof Fudge.


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