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Classic Peanut Butter Cookies: Betcha Can’t Eat Just One

Stand up if you don’t like Peanut Butter cookies. . . . . . I see that no one is standing, so Katie from Betcha Can’t Eat Just One should have no problem in getting a lot of visits to her blog for this one.  Katie received Suzanne’s blog, Thru The Bugs On My Windshield as her SRC assignment this month.  Her favorite thing about peanut butter cookies is putting the hash marks on them with a fork.  And then eating them!  Katie said . . .

With so many new crazy amazing cookie recipes floating around it is sometimes easy to forget about classic, simple, delicious cookies such as this peanut butter cookie.  Crisp on the outside with a little bit of a dense chew in the middle.”

Check out the recipe for Classic Peanut Butter Cookies.


One Response to Classic Peanut Butter Cookies: Betcha Can’t Eat Just One

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    debbie says:

    I bet you're right. PB is my favorite!!!!!!

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