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Coconut Almond Rice Krispie Treats: Mother Thyme

Coconut Almond Rice Krispie Treats: Mother Thyme

Oooooooooooo, doggies!  The key word here is “treat”.  As wonderful and easy and delicious and perfect as a rice krispie treat is, I rarely make them.  Which makes them just that much more of a treat!  Jennifer, a.k.a. Mother Thyme has taken that perfect little rice krispie treat and turned it in to the treat of all treats.  Her SRC assignment this month was Jamie’s blog, Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mind.  Jennifer said . . .

“It has been far too long since I made a batch of rice krispie treats.  When I saw the recipe for Chocolate, Coconut and Almond Rice Krispie Treats, I knew I had to try those!”

Check out the recipe for coconut Almond Rice Krispie Treats.


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