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Coconut Bread: Love and Flour

Coconut Bread: Love and Flour

I’m not a great bread-maker.  *sigh*  However, I love making quick-breads and this one is really flipping my proverbial pancakes! Not only does it have shredded coconut, but it also uses coconut milk.  Now where is my grass skirt?   Chit Chat Chomp written by Leigh was the blog assignment for this month’s SRC that was received by Ms. Love & Flour.  She said . . .

“I chose this recipe above a few others I hope to make someday - crunchy ginger slice, Thai-style tomato soup and lemon vanilla jam- because I adore coconut as much as I loathe baking quick breads. I figure the only way I am going to get better at quick breads is to bake them, so coconut bread it was.”

Check out the recipe for Coconut Bread.


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