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Creamy Corn And Bean Salad: Fit Mama Real Food

Creamy Corn And Bean Salad: Fit Mama Real Food

I’m not sure this is really a salad.  Well, in the “salad” sense of the word.  This looks more like a yummy, delicious meal to me.  No meat needed kinda salad.  You know.  A meal!  Heather who blogs at Fit Mama Real Food received Loy’s blog,  From Grandma Loy’s Kitchen for her SRC assignment this month.  One a young mom, the other a young grandma and both with fabulous, worth-checking-out recipes.  Heather said . . .

For days I’d been eying her molasses cookies, pumpkin oatmeal drop cookies and pina colada macadamia oatmeal cookies.  You can see where my mind was.  But at the last minute, I decided against it.  I wanted to prep something a little more wholesome for us, so I went searching through her salads.  This one was super simple.  You throw all your veggies and beans together in a bowl, mix up your creamy dreamy dressing, and toss in some cheese.”


Check out the recipe for Creamy Corn and Bean Salad.


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