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Crunchy Oriental Beef Salad: Heidi’s Verden


For this month’s SRC assignment, Heidi from Heidi’s Verden received Mommy’s Menu by Toni.  I have to say, this looks and sound so good I have put it on our menu for this weekend.  Heidi is a Dane, living in Denmark.  Toni is a mom living in Utah.  Although these two may seem to have little in common, the one thing that makes them practically kissin’ cousins is their love of food and cooking.  Heidi says . . .

“OMG, I don’t even have one of my own (only Hubby’s son every other weekend), so I could never imagine how it is like with that many children in the house. It must be a real challenge to feed that many people some good food on a reasonable budget, but it seems that is what Toni is trying to do. And based on the recipes I looked through, I’d say she does a great job. Way to go Toni – you have my respect :-)”

Check out the recipe for Crunchy Oriental Beef Salad.


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