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Donut Muffins: Smells Like Brownies

Melissa who blogs over at Smells Like Brownies received Colleen’s blog, Secrets From The Cookie Princess for her SRC assignment this month. The recipe she chose was Donut Muffins. Melissa said . . .

Donut Muffins: Smells Like Brownies

I don’t like donuts, but recently Dave has had donuts on the brain. When we were asked to bring a “decadent” dessert to a dinner with friends, his first suggestion was donuts. I hemmed and hawed and then found a recipe for donut muffins. The cinnamon version tastes just like a cruller, and the chocolate-glazed-glazed (that’s right, two glazes) version is divine“!

Check out the recipe for Donut Muffins.


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