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Dried Cherry Bagels: Family, Food and Fun


Rebekah who blogs at Family, Food, and Fun was paired with Kristi, the creative mind at Veggie Converter for this month’s SRC.  Wow, these are some very talented ladies.  Kristi is a vegetarian, has a meat-eater husband and two kids that don’t know what they want to be when they grow up.  She has a lot of great veggie recipes and Rebekah had been looking to find more meatless dishes for her family of seven.  Rebekah said . . .

“I have made bagels once before – and while they turned out okay, I hadn’t been particularly inspired to make them again.  These, however, were so scrumptious and wildly popular with my children, I’m sure I’ll make them many times.  They were really good fresh on the first day.  But truth be told – I liked them even better lightly toasted on the second day.  With just a smear of butter, maybe a dab of jam…..yum.”

Check out the recipe for Dried Cherry Bagels.


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