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Dukkah Egyptian Spice Mix: Inquiring Chef


We have so many herbs and spices at our fingertips these days that it is overwhelming to the mind and senses.  But, it is one of my favorite things to experiment with these days.  Jess from the Inquiring Chef received Devon’s pretty site, Deli-Cute-Essen, for her SRC assignment this month.  In her quest for the missing ingredient for her hummus, she came across some Tahini in a jar and found that it was the perfect touch to complete her mission.  And then the real challenge began.  Jess says . . .

“So it should be no surprise that when I started perusing  Devon’s pretty site, Deli-Cute-Essen for July’s Secret Recipe Club, I kept coming back to her recent post on Dukkah.  (However, her gorgeous pickled beet and grapefruit salad is enough inspiration on its own for me to put together a dinner party and serve this as the first course.)”

Check out the recipe for Dukkah Egyptian Spice Mix.


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