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Edamame Corn Salad: Cook Book of Trial and Error


Cooking Rookie blogs over at Cook Book of Trial and Error received Savoring the Thyme by Jennifer for her SRC assignment this month.  I don’t know about you, but by the looks of this recipe and the gorgeous picture, I think her mama misnamed her!  Cooking Rookie says . . .

“This is a perfect recipe for someone who loves edamame and corn, like I do. The salad is ready in no time, it is very substantial, can be a meal in itself, it’s delicious, and yet healthy. And it has all the colors of the traffic light ;-). What else can you ask from a dish. ”

Check out the recipe for Edamame Corn Salad.


One Response to Edamame Corn Salad: Cook Book of Trial and Error

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    Mochthen says:

    Love those happy faces! Sometimes I make smiley faces with my son's food too. Not sure if he can tell yet, or if he just sees food, but it is still a fun viuasl.

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