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Editor’s Choice: Green Pozole with Chicken

This week our Editor’s Choice comes to us from Dee over at On The Move-In The Galley. Her November 12th Group B assignment was Lynne’s blog Cafe Lynnylu, and the recipe she chose was Green Pozole with Chicken.

I was first introduced to this type of soup when I lived in Chicago in the 80′s and 90′s. I had a relative, her name was Odilia, who was from Guatemala and cooked some of the most amazing recipes I have ever tasted. It is because of her that I still have such a love of Spanish style dishes to this day. One of the recipes I learned to make from her was Pozole, and while her version is a little different then Dee’s, because it uses pork instead of chicken and doesn’t contain tomatillos, it was still similar enough to bring back some wonderful memories of this delicious soup. I highly recommend trying this dish, you wont be disappointed.

Stop by and get this delicious recipe for Green Pozole with Chicken from On The Move-In The Galley.

Editor's Choice: Green Pozole with Chicken

Congratulations to Dee for receiving the Editor’s Choice Award!


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