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Editor’s Choice: Key Lime Pie

This week our Editor’s Choice comes to us from Veronica over at Veronica’s Cornucopia. Her February 18th Group C assignment was Jennifer’s blog Mother Thyme, and the recipe she chose was Key Lime Pie.

As most food bloggers are doing, I’m either searching for, or posting recipes and crafts for the next upcoming holiday. The next one in line is St Patrick’s Day, with Eater just 2 weeks behind it. So when I seen Veronica’s picture for this pie I instantly thought “St Patty’s Day!” It’s green, which is the classic symbol of the holiday, plus I’ve wanted to try my hand at making Key Lime Pie for a very long time.

Editor's Choice: Key Lime Pie

Congratulations to Veronica for receiving the Editor’s Choice Award!


One Response to Editor’s Choice: Key Lime Pie

  1. 1
    Veronica says:

    Awesome! I hope you make it and enjoy it! Thanks for featuring me, April, I feel so special. :)

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