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Gold Member

Our Gold Member this week is Joanna! She is a member of Debbi’s group C, and blogs over at Cairns Manor.

Joanna is a nurse, but not just any nurse. She’s a Certified Nurse Midwife, which takes a lot of hard work to earn. (I know, I looked it up.) :) In her spare time, Joanna is a cook, gardener, painter/decorator/hgtv’s her house, and photographs it along the way. She then shares it with her readers on her blog. Check out her delicious recipes for White Chocolate Yogurt Mousse and Autumn Chopped Salad.

Did I mention she is also married, and the fur-mommy to two beautiful corgis and 3 cats? PLUS, she is expecting her very first little one in January! How busy and exciting is that?

She is another one of our great Secret Recipe Club members who has never missed a reveal during the clubs first year. Please drop by Joanna’s blog at Cairns Manor and show her some SRC love.


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