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Greek Nachos: Gastronomical Sovereignty


I’m a nacho-a-holic.  Nothing could be better.  Well, unless I had married a man named “Chip”.  I never really thought about nachos being anything other than Mexican cuisine.  Until now.  I’m soooo intrigued by this combination that I’ve got to make these this weekend.  Kristy from Gastronomical Sovereignty received Alli’s blog, Alli’n Sons.  Alli is a a self proclaimed wanna-be photographer and creative woman.  Kristy said . . .

“After perusing her blog, her recipe for nachos caught my attention.  But these are not-cho’ typical nachos. These are Greek nachos. And while I’m not entirely sure how “Greek” nachos are, the toppings are very Greek-esque.”

Check out the recipe for Greek Nachos.


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