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Grilled Apple Pie: Without Adornment

Grilled Apple Pie: Without Adornment

My first thought when I saw the title of this recipe was, “How in the world do you grill an apple pie?”  Then I saw the picture and my second thought was, “Must make a grilled apple pie!”  Bean over at Without Adornment was assigned Jenni’s blog, The Gingered Wisk.  She found so many recipes to make that her had was spinning.  Once Bean recovered she decided on Jenni’s Grilled Apple Pie.  What a novelty!  All your friends will talk about this for weeks to come.  So, drag out the BBQ grill and make this pie.  Now.  Don’t wait.  Time’s-a-wastin’!!  (Hard to believe that crust is gluten-free, right?)  Bean says . . .

“To any doubters, don’t let the idea of a grilled apple pie turn you off of this – basically what you do is bake the pie in a cast iron pan in your BBQ. I obviously made my pie gluten free – I tried to roll out the pie instead of piecing it together – and used a bit less sugar. Even with my changes and the novel baking method, I thought it turned out very well and it was yummy! Mr. Bean definitely agreed.”

Check out the recipe for Grilled Apple Pie.


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