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Guinness Braised Beef: A Pretty Life in the Suburbs


Jo-Anna blogs, crafts, cooks, and talks about “mom” stuff over at A Pretty Life in the Suburbs.  She has lots of great ideas and beautiful pictures of her projects on her blog.  She also has a great sense of humor.  She says this on her home page . . .  ”Ok Spring I’m glad you’re here . . . let’s start acting like it though, mkay?”  LOL!  Jo-Anna’s assignment this month was The Haggis and The Herring by Dan and Meredith.  Dan begin his love with food by grilling mako shark with his uncle as a teenager.  Meredith is a personal travel consultant, baker and knitter.  They both share their love of food, together, on their blog, which actually started as a blog about their wedding and blossomed from there.  Jo-Anna says . . .

“They have SO many tasty recipes, but I was looking for something for St. Patrick’s Day, with the lucky day just around the corner!  And I found the perfect recipe!  Guinness Braised Beef.  Oh yah.”

Check out the recipe for Guinness Braised Beef.


One Response to Guinness Braised Beef: A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

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    Siti says:

    come to think of it I think I remember what I was told the diecfrfnee is. It doesn't have to do with the liquid at all. It is the cut. Full roast are pot roasted, steaks and similar cuts (short ribs) are braised, cubes and dices are stewed. Anyway, I am pretty sure that was one of the diecfrfnees but again, not a big deal for me to use two terms. Apr 4 at 21:40

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