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Herbed Pizza Dough: Eat Little, Eat Big


Ugh.  I am a “yeast-challenged” cook.  Notice, I said “cook”, not baker.  Oh, I can bake cookies, turn out a mean bundt cake, and pies and cobblers and pie crust do not intimidate me in the least.  But just say the word YEAST and I start to sweat.  Most all of my bread attempts that include yeast can be summed up like this:  ”Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”  Kneading is not my problem.  Proofing my yeast before using is not my problem.  Just getting the dough to rise at the right temp, well, that’s my problem.  When I saw this post, I promised myself I would fix this once and for all!!  Susie who lives in Maui and blogs at Eat Little, Eat Big received Dee’s blog, On The Move-In The Galley, who lives in Seattle half of the year, and cruises in their motor vessel, Rhapsody, the rest of the year.  Susie said . . .

“I had never made dough with semolina flour before.  It gave a nice structure and color to the dough.  I loved adding in the herbs to the dough for more flavor.  I did find the dough a bit persnickety when it came to shaping, but persistence paid off and we really enjoyed this new dough recipe.  LOL, Mr. ELEB just walked by as I am typing this and said “That pizza was really good!” as he looked at the pictures.  And there you go.  What better endorsement?”

Check out the recipe for Herbed Pizza Dough.


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