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Homemade “Little Debbie” Chocolate Layer Cake: The Heritage Cook

Homemade “Little Debbie” Chocolate Layer Cake: The Heritage Cook

“Little Debbie”, chocolate, cream filling, and a cold glass of milk.  What more is there to say?  I just need to shut up and let this picture do most all of the talking.  Jane, our Group A Hostess who blogs over at The Heritage Cook received the blog Cookin’ Mimi written by Micha for her SRC assignment this month.  Jane said . . .

“Micha calls herself a “Double Southerner” having lived in Southern California and the Deep South. She developed a passion for Mexican food while in California and embraced the classic recipes her mother’s family grew up eating when she moved back South. She focuses on recipes that can be put together quickly with ingredients in your pantry, never sacrificing taste for ease of preparation. This is one food blog that you can turn to when time and ingredients are short and find many options that will thrill your friends and family!”

Check out the recipe for Homemade “Little Debbie” Cocolate Layer Cake with Vanilla Cream Filling.


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    Thanks so much for featuring my recipe today. I loved making this cake and even more eating it!!!

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