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Join SRC

If you would like to join us, please first read the How It Works section. When you’re done there, review the criteria below and read The Rules. If your blog falls into these guidelines and you are still interested, then fill out the form below.

Please note, while I would love to accept every blog that requests to join, I just can’t. The criteria below is very important and the items listed really are true deciding factors on which blogs will be accepted. It’s never anything personal, and you can always reapply. Because of the high number of requests I generally do not notify those that are not accepted. If you haven’t heard from me, you can always contact me and I will try and give you suggestions to improve your blog so that it is user friendly for all visitors. Thanks for your interest in the SRC!

  1. You must have at the very least 100 recipe posts. Not links to other recipes, but actual recipes on your blog. 100 is pretty minimal, so no less than that. Ideally your blog should be about 6 months old and you should be posting approximately twice a week, but the 100 post rule will override if need be.
  2. You must take your own photos. Using other people’s photos or magazine photos, even with credit, will disqualify your blog.
  3. You must give credit where credit is due. If you’ve used or adapted a recipe, you can’t just type the words telling people where you got it, you have to link over to them. What’s fair is fair. If it’s from a cookbook, make sure you name the title properly.
  4. You must have a recipe index on your site. No one wants to spend hours scrolling through pages and pages of posts.
  5. Your blog must be in English. Even with a translator option it can be very challenging to create a successful recipe as sometimes ingredients and measurements are not translated properly, ending up in a failed recipe result.