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Lemon Yogurt Cake: The Novice Housewife


You know how when you are in high school that there are people who get voted Most Popular, Most Friendly, Best Smile, Most Likely to Succeed, Most Likely to be Incarcerated?  Well, that is what this cake reminds me of.  No, not food for a jailbird!  Silly.  ”Most Versatile”!  This can be eaten for breakfast, a snack, elegant but simple dessert, even “Most Likely to Show Up at a Picnic”.  That’s what I love about this recipe!  Shumaila from The Novice Housewife received Debby’s blog, A Feast for the Eyes.  There is nothing about this that “looks” novice.  But it is a feast for the eyes, for sure.  Shumaila said . . .

“I finally chose a recipe for lemon yogurt cake. The reason why I chose this particular recipe is that it came highly recommended by one of my friends who had tried the recipe from Ina Garten’s Food Network page. My friend was all praises for it and had mentioned once or twice that I should try the recipe. When I saw the same recipe on Debby’s site I knew what I wanted to make, since Debby too loved the recipe.”

Check out the recipe for Lemon Yogurt Cake.


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