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Minty Asian Slaw: The Pajama Chef


I just love the name of this blog, The Pajama Chef.  I mean, it just helps me day dream of standing in the kitchen in my P.J.s, cooking up something great at my leisure.  Not that I don’t cook quite a bit, just not necessarily at my leisure – all relaxed, drinking a fine wine and taste-testing four or five dishes as I multi-task with ease . . . in my pajamas.  Ahhhhhhh . . . .   But I digress.  Sarah is the pajama chef and she would LIVE, not just cook, in her pajamas 24/7 if she could.  Her SRC assignment this month was Stephanie’s blog, Sustainable Cooking for One, which says so much in such a short title.  Sarah loves eating healthy, buying locally, buying in season and buying things and foods that are sustainable.  And she has some great recipes on her blog, as does Sarah.  Sarah says . . .

“I was looking for a side dish to make for our 4th of July BBQ, so when I saw Stephanie’s twist on cole slaw, I was so excited. This isn’t just your average cole slaw… it’s Minty Asian Slaw!”

Check out the recipe for Minty Asian Slaw.


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