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Most Popular: Overnight Oatmeal

overnight-oatmealThe post that received the most clicks for the August 18th SRC reveal was from one of our veteran members, Dana from Food For Thought. She was assigned the blog Eat Little, Eat Big where she found this recipe for Overnight Oatmeal. Dana reveals that while she eats oatmeal 5 days a week, it was last thing she expected to blog about for SRC. However, this recipe caught her eye because it’s made in the refrigerator! Obviously, since this was the most clicked post, others found it curious as well. So go ahead and stop by Dana’s to get the recipe for this Overnight Oatmeal.


3 Responses to Most Popular: Overnight Oatmeal

  1. 1
    Dana says:

    Wow, thanks everyone for all the love!!

  2. 2
  3. 3
    ButterYum says:

    We love oatmeal, but I'm so groggy when I wake up that I hardly ever have the gumption to stand at the stove to make it first thing in the morning. So, I'll be giving this recipe a test run tonight. I can't wait to give it a try.



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