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Most Popular: Mt. Bachelor Bars

Most Popular: August 22, 2011The most clicked recipe for our August 22nd SRC reveal was from one of our brand new members, Erin from Making Memories. She was assigned the blog Crumbs and Chaos where she found a recipe for Mt. Bachelor Bars. Erin said that since Mt. Bachelor just happens to be in Oregon where she lives, she felt it was a sign that this was the recipe she needed to choose. Stop over at Erin’s place to welcome her to SRC and to grab the recipe for this Mt. Bachelor Bars.


4 Responses to Most Popular: Mt. Bachelor Bars

  1. 1

    That's awesome! This is one of my very favorites, so glad that Erin liked them too!

  2. 2

    Wow! I'm honored. This has been so much fun! I can't wait for next month!!! Thanks for hosting, Amanda! (And Tina!)

  3. 3
    Ellen says:

    These look amazing!!! Now I have to make these too!! LOL


  4. 4
    I Play Outside The B says:

    This looks delicious….which I was good at taking pictures….cause i would fill my blog with recipes I love to make ….then I'd join here…I know this has to be fun to do!

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