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Most Popular: Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings


Of COURSE these were “most popular”.  Restaurants make millions off of wings every day.  Eateries have been founded and thrive on wings alone.  And what’s a football game – or any sports for that matter – without some buffalo wings on hand?  Lisa from Cook Lisa Cook was assigned Kim’s blog, Every day mom.  And what kind of mom would one be without having a batch of buffalo wings for that baseball playoff game?  Lisa has managed to help Kim out and give us all a great way to make those famous buffalo wings.  Lisa said . . .

“So how did the Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings turn out?  Well the sauce stuck, the flavor was spicy hot deliciousness, the skin was crispy, the meat tender and moist…all-in-all total finger-licking spicy success!  Eammon was an especially happy guy when I served these wings so thank you Kim for inspiring me to make these delicious Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings.”

Check out the recipe for Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings.


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