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Most Popular: Brownies with a Twist

Brownies with a Twist: A couple in the Kitchen

Nothing says “Lovin’ From The Oven” like brownies.  I don’t care who you are.  They are the hot-diggity-dog all American snack, dessert, and – my favorite – breakfast of champions for sure!  Chris, one part of A Couple in the Kitchen received Kristy’s blog Gastronomical Sovereignty for his SRC assignment this month.  Chris said . . .

“ This blog has it all: appetizers ranging from bruschetta to fried squash blossoms with chevre, soups, salads and mains for all of the ‘vores” (that’s carnivore, herbivore and omnivore for you non-biology-teachers out there), as well as a nice selection of sides and sauces. But most importantly, it has desserts. Yeah, that is the one that caught my attention. When I stumbled upon thebrownie recipe from a guestblogger that used bacon fat and maple syrup as its primary ingredients I thought, “Yep. We have a winner!”.”

Check out the recipe for Brownies with a Twist.


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