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Most Popular: Chocolate Chip Cookies


Ever notice how good ol’ chocolate chip cookies are the first to disappear at a party, or with family, or . . . well, when it is just me?!?  Given my choice, there is a 95% chance that I will pick a chocolate chip cookie above all other cookies.  There is just something so homey and warm and, that aroma!  Don’t even have to call my name.  When I smell them cooking I naturally start levitating about three feet off the ground and then begin to float right along to the origin of that wonderful smell.  Such would be the case with Danielle’s Chocolate Chip Cookies over at Hugs & Cookies XOXO.  Of COURSE this is the Most Popular recipe for the Group C Reveal!  And since Danielle specializes in Cookies, you know these are going to be good!  And the “secret” ingredient will surprise you.  Don’t miss this one!

Check out the recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies.


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