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Most Popular: Classically Chocolate Cake for Daniel


As a tribute to our dear friend and Secret Recipe Club member, Daniel Saraga who blogged over at The Haggis and The Herring, over 50 of our SRC members made recipes from his blog.  It was the least we could do to eulogize a man who was such a loyal and dedicated member of our group.  Daniel’s wife, Meredith, wrote a tribute on their blog.  If you haven’t already read it, you can click here to read about this kind and loving man.

As the most popular post from all those that contributed, Jess from Life’s Simple Measures made Daniel’s Classical Chocolate Cake.  The cake was one that Daniel’s wife and son made for him for his birthday in 2009.  Classically classic describes both Jess’ beautiful cake and Daniel.

Check out Jess’ tribute and the recipe for Classically Chocolate Cake.



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