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Most Popular: Fijian Ceviche a.k.a. Kokoda

Fijian Ceviche a.k.a. Kokoda: Cook Lisa Cook

An sweet ocean breeze, just cool enough for a shawl, seagulls talking like they haven’t seen each other in ages, and a soft ripple of water slapping softly against the wooden pier as I sit in a nice, comfy chair enjoying all the sights and sounds of the evening.  Ahhhhhh, pure bliss.  This is what I conjur in my mind when I look at this picture and take in all the colors of this gorgeous dish.  And all these thoughts came to mind before I read the blog that went with the picture!  Lisa from Cook Lisa Cook received Easily Good Eats for her SRC assignment this month.  Lisa said . . .

“This blog is loaded with wonderful recipes.  I started scrolling through therecipe index, looking at the usual cookies, brownies, breads, fish & meats but when I came upon the headings of exotic and unusual…well that totally caught my interest.  It didn’t take long to choose a recipe because as soon as I read the recipe forKokoda (Fijian Ceviche) I knew I had found a winner…and a total winner it was!”

Check out the Recipe for Fijian Ceviche ~ Kokoda.


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