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Most Popular: Fried Green Tomatoes


Shock and awe!  I’ll bet you were thinking this was going to be another sweet something since it is “Most Popular” day.  Finally, for those of us with a savory palate, Fried Green Tomatoes!  Not only a savory palate, but anyone who appreciate good, southern cooking of any kind has to try a plate full of fried green tomatoes.  I promise you will be taken in hook, line and sinker.  Lisa who blogs at Cook Lisa Cook received Amanda’s blog, Dancing Veggies (a recent episode of Veggie Tales with my grandkids comes to mind).  Lisa says . . .

I enjoyed reading through Amanda’s blog, trying to figure out songs based on the lyrics she uses as blog titles and of course reading her recipes.  Amanda’s recipes were mostly vegetarian and I found them inviting as they were simple to make and used everyday ingredients.  While I realized that I really stank at figuring out most of the songs, I found that I was really good at wanting to try many of her recipes, . . . but as soon as I saw her fried green tomato recipe, it was all over. I knew what I’d be making…Plus I had a garden which was overflowing with tomatoes, red & green…how perfect was that!”

Check out the recipe for Fried Green Tomatoes.


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