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Most Popular: Fudgie Wudgies

It’s back, our weekly feature! After taking the month of December off for the holidays, the Secret Recipe Club is back in full swing. To start us off we are sharing our most popular recipe from Group A’s reveal, Fudgie Wudgies. Lisa’s from Sweet As Sugar Cookies received Katrina’s blog Baking and Boys and said…

Now, if you know Katrina, then you also know about her proclaimed love for all things chocolate.  So, I just had to choose a recipe that would pay homage to that part of her personality.  And, what better recipe than her Fudgie Wudgies.  These are Katrina to a tee!  They have melted chocolate and cocoa powder in the dough, PLUS more chocolate chips added in for a triple chocolate dose.

Check out the recipe for Fudgie Wudgies.


One Response to Most Popular: Fudgie Wudgies

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    Katrina says:

    Yum! Great post. ;)

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