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Most Popular: Homemade Nutella

We sure do love Nutella, as evidenced by this week’s most popular recipe from Group D’s Reveal. We’ve had quite a few recipes lately that have used Nutella as an ingredient, but now we have an actual recipe for making Nutella itself! Lynsey from Lynsey Lou’s received Deanna’s blog The Mommy Bowl. Lynsey said…

As if this stuff weren’t addicting enough from the store, I now have the means to make it for myself at home. Any time I want. How dangerous is that? I love Nutella and I’m slightly obsessed with it. Over the years I have used much self-control and tried to limit my intake of this heavenly chocolate spread and I must say, I’ve done quite well. Well, now that I’ve discovered this recipe I can make it myself anytime I want. It’s slightly easier to practice self-control when I have to get in the car, go to the store and buy a jar when I have a craving. Now my control and discipline is going to be tried even more so now that I have the recipe.

Check out the recipe for Homemade Nutella.


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