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Most Popular: Loaded Potato Soup


Can you believe it?!?  Two weeks in a row and the Most Popular Post is another savory dish!  And this one looks heavenly!  Lisa from Cook Lisa Cook received Meghan’s blog, Cupcakes with Sprinkles.  I don’t know about you, but the chunks of potato here are just calling my name.  Lisa said . . .

“So I know you’re scratching your head thinkingCupcakes with Sprinkles and a sweets loving Mama and here I am posting a recipe for Loaded Potato Soup???  Well I had just done a whole slew of sweet treat baking as I was sending a care package off to a friend’s daughter who’s away on her mission for the next year, so here in the Cook Lisa Cook home we were sort of sweet treated out.  Also, about a month ago we were out for dinner and Eammon ordered loaded potato soup and just adored it and had asked if I would try to make some at home for him, so when I saw Meghan’s loaded potato soup recipe I knew what I’d be making.  Trust me though a number of her sweet treat recipe have been saved to make in the future.  I mean check these out and I know you’ll be adding them to your list of recipes to make:  Boston cream pie, one of my all time favorites, white chocolate mousse torte for my white chocolate loving husband and Avalanche Bars which I know I’ll be making one day soon with Maisie.”

Check out the recipe for Loaded Potato Soup.


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