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Most Popular: Paradise Mango Curried Shrimp

Paradise Mango Curried Shrimp: Cook Lisa Cook

I want this.  And I want this NOW!  Lisa who blogs at Cook Lisa Cook received Chef & the Lucky Wife’s blog, The Saturday Evening Pot, for her SRC assignment this month.  Lisa said . . .

“ I was excited to get my assignment and as usual, it was terribly difficult to pick a recipe to make and feature.  In the end it came down to Maisie and my wanting to make a meal that she would eat and love.  Maisie adores shrimp and rice so the Chef’s Paradise Shrimp over Jasmine Rice had all the makings of a meal that we all would enjoy and it was Maisie “safe”, no wheat, egg or dairy.  The meal was loved by all of us and even using the hot Jamaican curry powder, there was just the slightest kick, not too spicy for even Maisie.”

Check out the recipe for Paradise Mango Curried Shrimp.


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