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Most Popular: Samoa Blondie Bars


And why WOULDN’T this be the most popular post.  I have to say I’ve never had a “blondie” of any kind and this is going to push me over the edge.  Avril from Baking and Creating with Avril.  Makes sense, right?  Avril received K and K Test Kitchen that is authored by Kelsey and Kim, a great mother-daughter blog.  Avril said . . .

“These fabulous bars sure are pretty darn close to being a “Samoa Cookie”.  The butter is browned to allow for a perfect nutty and caramel taste that goes along with the sinful chocolate chips and decadent coconut.  Everyone gobbled down these little bars with rave reviews.   I even passed some of them out to my favorite Starbucks baristas as I drove through to get my morning coffee.  They LOVED having such a treat being passed through the window to them!”

Check out the recipe for Samoa Blondie Bars.    And pass it on!


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