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Most Popular: Sugar Cookie Bars


One might think that sugar cookies are old hat . . . boring . . . been there, done that.  Well, that just means you haven’t seen or made or eaten these Sugar Cookie Bars by the Fearless Homemaker, a.k.a. Amy!  She is a professed cocktail lover, crafter and entertainer who hails from Boston, but lives in Nashville.  Amy says . . .


“as some of you know, i’m frequently take-it-or-leave-it when it comes to sweets, but i was definitely all ‘take it’ when it came to these bars. the sugar cookie part is just sweet enough, with a wonderfully buttery flavor + a lovely, soft texture. the homemade frosting adds a brighter, richer sweetness, which pairs perfectly with both the flavor + texture of the cookie. add a bit of pretty color to the frosting (i opted for pink) + some colorful sprinkles + BAM! a delicious, fun dessert.”

Check out the recipe for Sugar Cookie Bars.


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