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Most Popular: Texas Roadhouse Rolls


If you have ever had the rolls at a Texas Roadhouse restaurant, you will understand how great it is to have a recipe that duplicates those rolls perfectly.  If you have NOT ever enjoyed this delicacy, you are in for a treat.  Regardless of where you live, these will become a new favorite for you.  Amy from A  Couple in the Kitchen received Lynne’s blog, 365 Days of Baking and More.  Both of these blogs will blow you away with all of the great recipes, tips and photographs.  These are a “must” on your tour through Food Paradise on the net, for sure, for sure.  Best of all, I love a woman that says, “Woot!”  Almost as good as “Hooch!”  Amy said . . .

“We were quite tempted to stay in our comfort zone and make something that didn’t involve baking. As you are probably aware, we’ve had some baking issues in the past. But then, we decided to challenge ourselves. Lynne’s blog is primarily about baking, and we should embrace the theme! So, then, the questions were: should we make one of Lynne’s dozens of cookie recipes? Homemade Suzy-Q’s in tribute to the (oh-so-sad) end of Hostess? Donuts? Muffins? Brownies? Cupcakes? Then we saw it: a copycat recipe for Texas Roadhouse’s famously fabulous rolls with cinnamon honey butter. Woot!!!”

Check out the recipe for Texas Roadhouse Rolls.




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