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Most Popular: Tiger Butter

Tiger Butter: Colie's Kitchen

I could probably say the words, chocolate, peanut butter and fudge, and that would be all you would need for the recipe of your dreams.  Well, that and a link would be good, right?  Nicole who blogs at Colie’s Kitchen received Lindsay’s blog, Life and the Kitchen for her SRC assignment this month.  Nicole said . . .

I made this recipe on a Friday but told my husband it had to all be gone by Sunday night! We can’t lose weight with Tiger Butter in the house! Ha! No problem he had it gone by Saturday night! (In an evil laugh) the more he ate the better my weigh in would look than his on Monday hahahhaa!  If you like peanut butter cups this recipe is for you! It’s like a peanut butter fudge that melts in your mouth and in your hands! It’s a MUST Try!”

Check out the recipe for Tiger Butter.


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